Skilldrum - Updating Availability for Search

The following article reviews how to become available (or not) if you wish to be searched and found by Skilldrum paying customers/employers, based on your skills and experience. 

Note: The only users who can search and receive user data are Skilldrum customers (a.k.a. Employers) who have been provided access to the Skilldrum database by purchasing access or as part of a package/product they purchased. User's information is only shared if the users have completed a skilldrum profile and have not selected the option to become "unavailable" for search which hides your profile from being accessed/viewed. 

In order to manage availability, login to (or your specific skilldrum location's url - for example "" or "")

1. Go to Manage Profiles and click "privacy" (privacy is an icon that looks like a padlock) for the profile in which you wish to manage. Note the action must be made for each individual profile/category on file.

2. Under Availability options select appropriate availability option to mark your profile current and available or not available for search. 

3. Click "Save"

How to make your profile available but confidential if found by those searching based on skills and experience. Go to the same page specified above to set availability.

Select the option you would like in order to make your profile's contact information visible Or not to employers who search and find your profile here. If you do choose to hide your contact information (also hides resume/CV), employers can send you a request to reveal your contact information.  (Note: this option does not affect Share Profile feature.)

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