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You have reached the login page used by employers to review Resumes/CV's.

This site is not a job board nor is it the employer's website.

It contains no job or employer related information. Please go directly to the employer or their website for additional information.

What is Response Manager?

Response Manager provides employers with a method of receiving, reviewing and managing the responses to their recruitment ads.

Who can view my Resume/CV?

Unless you are a registered user only the employer whose particular ad you have responded to receives your Resume/CV.

If you have registered with Skilldrum your Resume/CV is available to those employers who are loking for a jobseeker with your qualifications. To learn more about Skilldrum, go to .

What is the profile?

The online profile/questionnaire provides additional information in an easy format for the employer.

The employer receives your emailed resume whether or not you complete the profile/questionnaire.

The profile/questionnaire can only be viewed by the employer whose ad you responded to unless you have registered with Skilldrum.

Why do I get an error message when I click Submit?

Be sure all required fields have been completed. Incomplete fields are listed in red at the top of the questionnaire.

Be sure to submit your answers within 20 minutes to avoid a time out error.

If you have a Pop-Up Blocker, please turn it off before starting the questionnaire.


If you have already submitted your Resume/CV, there is no need to re-submit it again.

If you are NOT uploading an updated Resume/CV in the field provided, be sure to click "OK" in the dialog box to confirm it is alright to submit the questionnaire without your Resume/CV. 


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